About founder

Erofili Pontikaki was born and raised in Crete where she started her career as a sales representative with major food companies in western Crete. In 2010 she founded her first little company with wholesale food in Chania while gaining acceptance through Panhellenic examinations in the University of Crete in History - Archaeology field. Education has always been her biggest love!

In 2014 she decided to shift her professional activities from wholesaling to Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine (ONM) in Chania. This choice wasn't random at all. She was lucky enough to be introduced to ONM 15 years ago, when she was 25 and by pursuing it she managed to rid herself of many serious health problems that burdened her since she was an infant. In 2014, after a personal course of evolution and maturity, she considered her obligation to inform her compatriots about ONM. Through this 2-year experience, she realized that more people would like to live healthily, but their biggest problem is "cultural", the way of living and associating. So, she decided to start the " Luminous Paths" programme, giving the opportunity to participants of having an experiential experience through healthy diet and the art of living.