Despina Koupa

Despina Koupa is a PhD candidate in Classical Philology at the University of Crete. In 2007 she completed her studies in the History - Archaeology Department at the University of Crete, in the area of Ancient History. Her post graduate studies are concerned with the works by Xenophon. She has participated in two Classical Archaeological seminars in Cyprus.

In her doctoral thesis she deals with the work of 2 of the most important writers of the Classical period, the historian Xenophon and the orator Isocrates.

It is with great pleasure that she has accepted to be a part of the mission of Luminous Paths, as she herself believes in the art of life lived by “human” “artists” from a holisitic understanding of herself. The long study of the spirit of the ancient Greek philosophers has brought her to this conviction.

She is the coordinator of the philosophical material that shall be presented at the Luminous Paths philosophical evenings, and on occasion we shall have the pleasure and honour of having her make the presentations herself.