Welcome to Luminous Paths!

Where health encounters itself... body, mind, soul...

In a heavenly environment in the highlands of Crete visitors shall be led along the paths of a healthy and nutritious diet, based on Hippocrates's principles: let food be your medicine.

Guided by the principles of pure and simple food, visitors will have the opportunity to cleanse their body and open the path for a luminous encounter with their own spirit and soul. Healthy vegetarian meals will be complemented by excursions into the stunning Cretan land, from gorges to mountain tops with the oportunity to horse or bike riding activities in a body-awakening target. There will be daily cultural activities also, such as talks on ancient Greek philosophy and learning traditional Cretan dances! The curtain will fall each evening on spiritual enhancement and meditation.

You are all most welcome!

A wonderful week of action, life, health and joy is awaiting you!!