Orthomolecular supplements: Because taking supplements isn't a matter of marketing!

Is food alone nowadays enough to nourish us? Is it enough in order to detoxicafy and help us self-heal? Is it enough in order to enjoy daily high levels of health, wellness, joy and harmony?

It's scientifically proven since the beginning of the 20th century, that man needs on a daily basis at least one multivitamin. Bruce Ames specifically stated: "Have a multivitamin, it might save your life!"

Using our common sense and considering that a square meter of land could produce a certain amount of vegetables and that nowadays it is possible to produce the same amount many times over and in less suitable conditions (such as denuded subsoil, polluted water and air) we arrive at the same conclusion: that we need supplements on a daily basis.

But what kind of supplements, what type of quality and which technology? What does each one of us need? Do we have the same needs during each period of our lives? How can we decide what is needed? Who is going to make that decision for us and what is the criteria? Is it going to be driven by advertising or marketing?

Studies indicate that every month 150 tons of undigested food supplements in a US state are expelled still having the company's brand name on them! It's sad to know that many people consistently waste their money on something that simple passes through their system without offering anything beneficial to their bodies.

It's essential that the food supplement we choose will have a high bio availability and absorption rate as orthomolecular supplements do, whose technology renders them a pioneer in these fields.

It's equally essential that you collaborate with an expert so as to decide what kind of supplement is needed.

It is most important that each one of us becomes awakened to the fact that there is no supplement or magic pill that can reverse the harmful consequences of our bad decisions. This is a difficult task and is overcome by Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine , since here at ONM we believe that a true therapist inspires the individual to take control and upgrade his health so as to inherit a whole way of living. That is our purpose here at "Luminous Paths" and the "Luminous Paths week" was created in this spirit! We start with our body, properly balancing hydration and our diet. That said a human being is not only composed of a body but is rather something more complex (and important)!. Entertainment and feeding our spirit is equally essential to achieving a higher level of health and living fully. Osho, stated that no future therapist could have results if he doesn't use meditation as part of his therapy. We are body-soul-spirit. The better we coordinate the functions of these three parameters, the more satisfactory our life will become and worth living!